We have the right solution for all customers. Do you have problems when labelling, for example protruding corners? No problem with our specially embossed labels and our advice.

With the functional embossing of the Walcher Label Crack System (WLCS) also the labelling result is improved enormously for difficult label formats. In this way faster running speeds are possible for problematic filling lines. In addition, the environment is taken care of by reducing the use of glue.

Our Peel-Off System (Walcher Label Take Off System - WLTOS) allows labels with additional information and promotional material on the back to be produced. The labels can easily be removed by the end customer.



The HGMI and HGMI Plus procedure uses special metallic colours (High Glos Metallic Ink) developed by us.

This procedure is a cost-effective alternative to gravure printing for small and medium-sized runs. Here a direct application of the metallic colours is possible without any loss of image quality. This not only benefits the customer, but also the environment.

In addition, we offer finishing techniques such as hot-foil stamping, cold foil, UV coating and much more.

Please feel free to contact us. We always find a way.